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Leading CI Casting Manufacturers in India

We are one of the renowned CI Casting suppliers in India, dedicated to offering a premium range of CI Castings. With years of experience in setting up plant manufacturing and marketing high-quality range CI Casting components, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier in the Industry.

We use the finest raw materials and advanced technology to ensure that our customers receive the best products. We follow precise methods to develop, manufacture, and supply highly competitive casting components at reasonable prices, superior quality, and timely delivery. We consider customer specifications and follow industry standards to achieve this.

We believe in diligent monitoring of the manufacturing process to ensure that the specifications given by our customers are met. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Our most important asset is our personnel working in all development works. We have a highly qualified, skilled, and experienced team to ensure an excellent quality range of products.

Why Choose Pooja Auto for Cast Iron Casting Solutions?

We have all the advanced equipment and machinery to minimize downtime of all processes, from tooling to rapid development. We take pride in supplying Cast Iron (Ci) Casting products domestically and internationally, ensuring the highest quality standard products. At our company, we value our customers' trust and satisfaction, and we strive to exceed their expectations. We are so excited to have the opportunity to help you!

Quality Casting Products from Prominent CI Casting Suppliers

As one of the leading CI casting suppliers, Pooja Auto Industries stands as the cornerstone of quality foundry solutions. Our expertise lies in manufacturing high-grade cast iron components that meet various industrial requirements.

We specialize in producing superior CI castings using advanced manufacturing processes and precision engineering. Our range includes a wide variety of components, from complex parts to valve casting parts and heavy-duty components, carefully designed to meet stringent industry standards.

Key Reasons to Partner with Us for CI Casting

Being one of the reliable CI casting manufacturers in India, we offer you superior products that are highly competitive in terms of cost, delivery, and quality.

Integrated and Custom Manufacturing

With state-of-the-art infrastructure featuring the latest equipment and machines for casting, we are the leading CI casting supplier in the industry.

Versatile Size, Volume, and Grade Flexibility

We offer inherent flexibility in sizes, quantities, and grades with a production weight range of 100-(800) kgs. We make all grades of CI castings, ensuring that our customers get exactly the product they need.

Assured Timely Product Delivery

Our commitment to providing superior service extends far beyond the quality of our products. We guarantee on-time delivery of our products, we swear by prompt delivery.

The Quick Development of Products

With our skilled team, it is easy to monitor the development stages, ensuring the highest quality products for our customers.

Reduced Lead Time for Our Customers

Our ability to deliver CI casting products in specific quantities with short lead times, providing efficient and timely service to our customers, is excellent.

Robust QMS Approach

We implement a robust Quality Management System (QMS). From our perspective, we ensure that our customers get cost savings.

Stay in Touch

For inquiries regarding material specifications, please contact us at info@poojaauto.com or call us at +91 98793 39391. We will assess the feasibility from a technical point of view and provide the necessary support. Thank you.