IATF 16949 Approved
ISO 9001:2015 Approved
FM Approved
UL Approved

Our Infrastructure

Manufacturing Capacity & Capabilities

Fully Automatic PLC-based Sand Plant

A: Sand Plant Capacity:

– 80MT (1 No.)

– 300MT (1 No.)

B: Mixture Capacity with Automatic Additive System:

– 250 kg (1 No.)

– 500 kg (1 No.)

– 1000 kg (2 No.)

C: Fluidized bed sand cooler capacity:

– 20 MT per hr

– 40 MT per hr

High-Speed Intensive Sand Mixers ensure Uniform Mixing of Green Sand. Online Control of Sand Compatibility ensures that only the right Quality sand is released to Moulding.

Core Shop

A: Cold box core Machine Capacity:

– 100 kg (1 No.)

– 50 kg (1 No.)

– 35 kg (1 No.)

– 10 kg (1 No.)

B: Shell core shooter Capacity:

– Capacity: 10 kg (1 No.)

Our Core shop is equipped with Cold box machines and Shell core machines, High-speed core sand mixers, and Corebox change-over. All core handling is done through Forklifts after the core coating and core drying process. Systemized core transfer and feeding to the mold line ensure the FIFO system for Core supply to the molding line.

Moulding Line

I: ARPA 1300 Line

Box Size: 1300 x 1000 x 350 + 400

– Max. Good Casting Weight: 250 kg/box

– Box Size: 900 x 800 x 350 + 350

– Max. Good Casting Weight: 150 kg/box

III: ARPA 600 Line

– Box Size: 900 x 800 x 350 + 300

– Max. Good Casting Weight: 100 kg/box

IV: ARPA 300 Line

– Box Size: 600 x 500 x 150 + 175

– Max. Good Casting Weight: 30 kg/box


A: Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

– 1000 kg [Double crucible; 1000 KWH with Independent Panel control] – 2 Nos.

– 1000 kg [Double crucible; 750 KWH with Independent Panel control] – 1 No.

– 500 kg [Double crucible; 250 KWH with Independent Panel control] – 1 No.

B: Circular Lifting Electro Magnet for Raw Material/ Scrap handling

C: S.G. treatment ladles with cover (geared type): Capacity 1000 kg and 500 kg

D: Lip pouring ladles (geared type): Capacity 1000kg and 500kg

E: Tea spout pouring ladles (geared type) capacity 500kg and 250kg (bottom pouring)

G: Infrared Pyrometer ensures constant temperature for each box

H: Inoculation feeding system

I: Mould cooling time ensures 2 hours 15 min. cooling time in the Mould box

Fettling, Finishing & Painting

A: Shot Blasting:

– I: Monorail Hanger Type Shot-blasting Machine – 1000 kg (1 No.)

– II: Monorail Hanger Type Shot-blasting Machine – 500 kg (1 No.)

B: Fettling:

Pedestal Grinders, Swing Frame, Grinders, Flexible Shaft Grinders, Pencil Shaft Grinders, 18" Power Hacksaw Machine, Policing Machines, Disc Type Machines etc.

C: Painting System:

– I: Painting booth for primer coating by spray painting machines. (1 No.)

– II: Cement Lining as per Customer’s requirement


We cater to our customers from development to mass production. Our advanced engineering team has creative development resources for the process, and systems engineering is ready to assist you during this process.

In all phases of development, we use advanced tools for the Getting and Methoding system. We are continuously developing enhanced production technologies for the advancement of our competitive advantages.

As your solution provider, we optimize the tooling design for our performance targets using the most capable and economical casting technology. We have extensive experience in the use of advanced Getting and Methoding systems with proven success.