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Quality at Pooja Auto Industries

Every casting produced at Pooja Auto Industries is subjected to a series of quality checks to ensure Total Quality Control.

Statistical methods are employed to create sample batches, which are tested for various laid-down process parameters in each stage of production. The parameters are described in the quality plan, which has been designed to meet international specifications.

The quality control laboratories at Pooja Auto Industries perform an array of analyses to ensure that the casts do not have structural and compositional deficiencies.

Metallurgical & Chemical Testing:

A. Optical Emission Spectrometer with Display Q6 Quantron GMBH.

B. Inverted Image Analyzer Metallurgical Microscope.

C. Full-fledged Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

D. CE Meter.

E. Infrared Pyrometer ensures constant temperature for each boxes.

Physical Testing:

A. Universal Testing Machine.

B. Brinell Hardness Testing Machine.

C. Digital hardness Testing Machine.

D. NDT (Ultrasonic, Radiographic, DPT, Magnetic Particle).

E. Pressure Testing as per customer's requirement.

Sand Testing:

Testing of the following parameter:


– Compatibility

– Moisture

– Permeability

– Active Clay, Dead Clay & Total Clay

Dimensional Inspection:

A. Well-equipped Standard Room.

B. Pre-Dispatch Dimensional Inspection of each & every supply.

C. Layout Inspection at 2 months or as per customer’s requirement.

D. Inspection of Critical parts through Averaging Fixture.

Quality Checks at Coreshop:

A. Core Templates.

B. Core Inspection Gauges.

C. Core Hardness Testing.

D. Core paint Viscosity Testing.

E. Application of high-quality paint on Critical Surfaces for the best Aesthetic view.

F. Pictorial SOP at the workplace.

Quality Checks at Moulding & Sand Plant

A. Core setting Gauges.

B. Core Setting Templates.

C. Core Setting Fixtures.

D. Mould Hardness Testing.

Paint Testing

A. Viscosity checks for Core Paint and Casting Paint.

B. Casting coating thickness testing through DFT Meter.

C. Cement Lining Coating Thickness Test.

D. Salt Spray Adhesion Test.

E. Crosscut Adhesion Test.

F. Paint Resistance Test @ 130˚C Oil Temperature.

Hydro Leakage Testing Facility

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